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Belltown Condos For SaleThe Search for Air Conditioning in Greater Seattle Area Condos

Summertime in Seattle and its neighboring areas means blue skies, sun, and outdoor exploration. It means grilling, cold beverages, and ice cream. It means family picnics, camping excursions, and holiday trips, both near and far.

Summertime also means warmer weather here in Seattle and its surrounding areas (at least for a week or two) – especially for high-up homes in sky rises. For example, where condo homes (often complete with spectacular views and lots of sunlight) are concerned, living space can mean a light, bright, and breathtaking environ – but also warmer living spaces.

All of this means that, for some, a desire for air conditioning units in a future dream condo is a

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Make Use of ALL of Your Outdoor Condo Spaces

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner … which (hopefully) means warmer weather and sunnier days.

(Again, that’s hopefully.)

As we’re all Vitamin D deficient – not to mention tired of wet, cloudy weather – here in the Pacific Northwest, getting outside is good for mental health, physical health, and the honing of social skills.

  1. Got a private balcony or patio? Use it! If you are fortunate enough to have an outdoor balcony or patio in your condo/townhouse/townhome, get it ready for the warmer season ( and make use of it – be that in the form of enjoying a nice cup of hot coffee, tea, or

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Is It Time To Sell Your HouseIs It Time To Sell?

If you are looking at the Seattle condo/townhome/townhouse market with an intention to sell, you are likely asking yourself, “Is it time to sell?”

The answer may very well be yes.

  1. Thus far in 2017, mortgage interest rates remained flat – and even fallen. As mentioned in a previous Seattle Condo Hunt post, mortgage interest rates appear to be flat and even lowering once again, hovering around approximately 4% right now. Low interest rates encourage buyers who require financing to buy – which means that it is likely a good time to sell.

    Rents are stabilizing/going down. One again, as mentioned in that previous post mentioned, Seattle’s traditionally rising

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Condos for Sale in Downtown Seattle

If you are looking at the Seattle condo/townhome/townhouse market with an intention to buy, you are likely asking yourself, “Is it time to buy?”

The answer may very well be yes.

  1. Thus far in 2017, mortgage interest rates remained flat – and even fallen. Mortgage rates appear to be hovering around 4% right now. According to a recent article by The Mortgage Reports: “Thus far into 2017, mortgage rates have been flat-to-lower. Freddie Mac reported an average rate near 4% for the last week of April. Home buyers and refinancing homeowners are pleasantly surprised, though, after analysts called for rates in the mid-4s by now.” 

  2. Rents are stabilizing/going down. Although, according to the 2017 Rent Affordability Index by Nested, Seattle

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Its official – spring has sprung.

That means spring cleaning.

And decorating.

And gardening.

Condos for Sale in Seattle

If you own a Seattle condo, whether you are thinking of selling or simply sprucing up your condo space for the latest season, here are five aesthetic improvements to make to up both your spring mood and curb appeal:

1)     Clean, clean, and clean again. Nothing says goodbye winter, hello spring like cleaning. Ceiling, walls, floors, tiles, countertops – scrub. It. All. Down. (Then repeat, if necessary.) The winter grunge simply must go. Now. 

2)     Give your windows – and their dressings – a little love. As the days get longer and the sun appears (and seems oh-so brighter), make certain that the sunlight’s way in is as clean and pretty as

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 Seattle Condos for Sale

Seattle has been on a housing market surge as of late, finally surpassing its post-2006 slump – a result of the national United States housing bubble crisis.

And it would appear that there is, at least for now, no end in sight.

Early in the year – as in, back in January – Zillow listed off its predictions for the Top 10 hottest Housing markets nationally for 2017.

Seattle, naturally, made the cut.

(And the Puget Sound Business Journal (PSBJ) highlighted the greater Seattle region specifically.)

According to Zillow, the greater Seattle area finished second place in this Top 10, second only to Nashville, Tennessee; Seattle’s predicted home value appreciation rate for 2017 is 5.6%, with Seattle proper, “a market with home value growth in

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The Year 2017 is Looking Good for Condo Construction in Both Seattle and Bellevue

It looks like at least a few condos are slated for construction in 2017. In a December 29, 2016 article from The Puget Sound Business Journal (PSBJ) - entitled “2017 will be the year of the condo in Bellevue and Seattle” – suggests that five condos in Seattle and an additional condo in Bellevue - for a total of six condo developments - are slated for development this year, ranging in size from six to 41 stories in height, with most of the developers from Canada or China:

 “The six developments total 1,677 units, and range from projects with small, more affordable homes to high-end condos. Five are planned for downtown Seattle and Bellevue, with one planned

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Condos for Sale in Seattle

Update on The Seattle Nexus Condo Sale

 Early last month, I wrote a blog post about the opening of the NEXUS Sales Center in Belltown  on March 18th, 2017 – I’m now providing an update, based in part on a March 20, 2017 article from The Puget Sound Business Journal (PSBJ), entitled (encouragingly): “Seattle’s condo market came back in a big way this weekend.”

As a result of that public sales debut weekend, the 41-storey Nexus tower has announced on its website   that 75% of its 382 unites are now sold – and it’s not even scheduled to be complete until 2019.

The developer is the Burrard Group from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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Why You Should Follow Your Real Estate Agent on Social Media

In the age of social media, everything goes – including real estate. Once you find your real estate agent (learn some tips on how to do so here ( ), then it’s time to connect  with them via social media – website, blogs,

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


See below for some reasons.

You can often get up-to-the-minute information about the real estate market(s) of interest. Want to know which areas are hot and which are not? How about a list of the best neighborhoods in which to live? Or perhaps more technical data in terms of the latest property prices and available inventory

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Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a seasoned real estate savant, finding a realtor with whom you can effectively work with is very, very important – and akin to selecting a doctor, lawyer, dentist, contractor, accountant, and/or financial planner. For in order for a good, solid working relationship to occur, both mutual trust and open communication are critical.

And, having anything less is suboptimal, to say the least.

Here are some tips on how to pre-screen and select a real estate agent:

Be patient and do your homework. If you are a first-time buyer, to be honest it may be tricky finding someone who is willing to work with you. But do not despair. Simply be patient and make yourself into a more attractive client by doing a little

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